Are you ready for Salesforce Lightning?

You have heard a lot of Salesforce Lightning and perhaps are thinking about migration. And you are probably wondering, whether is this something that you should go for? What does it mean to you, your organization and Salesforce users?

Salesforce is moving towards Lightning with the strategy of all new features in future are going to be in lightning. This is a clear indication that Salesforce's focus, going forward, will only be on Lightning. And, support for Classic Salesforce version will come to an end, however, we don't know when, but it's just around the corner.

This means, you should start with assessment and planning for migration. Perhaps you have already started!

Our experienced Salesforce lightening professionals has put together a complete migration package - "digiLightning - Lightning Migration Studio" from their real world experienced and learnings.

Whether you are in analysis/planning stage, have already got an business case approved, already in the migration phase, or need any support, digiLightning provides necessary information, best practices, recommendations and lightening migration services. We can help you with -

  • Assessing whether you are ready for Lightning
  • Carrying out a fit-gap of your classic version with Lightning version and giving you a real picture of efforts/cost and impact to your organization, along with limitations (and workarounds) of Lightning version.
  • Defining a Lightning migration road-map for your organization - aligned with Salesforce lightening road-map.
  • Developing a business case for budgetary approvals.
  • Preparing a detailed migration project plan and executing it.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further with one of our experts.

In my next blog, I will share our technical experience of Lightning development.

Salesforce & IBM Watson partnership, welcome move!

Last week, Salesforce and IBM announced partnership, and is welcome move when it comes to providing better customer experience, automation and making work force more productive and efficient. (

We at digiCloud Solutions Lab, have been working on creating a Proof Of Concept (PoC) using a LED enabled device (as a test device), IBM Watson IOT Platform and Salesforce for automating Add-on Sales and customer support service processes.

The use case for this PoC is – seamlessly running Opportunity creation workflow in Salesforce for parts that needs to be replaced of the product/machine, using predictive analytics and signals captured from the machine, creating a Case to replace the part at customer machine location, then marking Opportunity & Case as Closed, and setting machine system at original state.

In real life, this integration would help reducing down-time of the machine resulting in saving on production time and continues smooth operations, as the entire process is automated, very littile chance of human errors, and for the manufacturing company, it helps in real-time forecasting, bringing down inventory costs, and increasing profits!

Another use case of the PoC is to automate maintenance services using predicitve analytics. Based on measurement parameters coming from the machine via IBM Watson IOT Platform, and their interpretation logic, we can configure the Case creation workflow in Salesforce. Additionally, we can also attach photo or video of the machine at the time of reporting of an error/defect in the machine. Then the using Case assignment configuration in Salesforce – which includes for example, skills needed of the Service engineers, availability, location, etc, Case can be assigned with all the required details – so that Service engineer is well preapred before making a customer visit. This can even be taken further by allowing Service engineer to carry remote operations – for ex. turning the machine OFF/ON, running some analysis services remotely, directly from Salesforce. This helps in saving on service time and also efficiency and productivity of the service engineer.

We are now interested to discuss possibilities of implementing Salesforce – IBM Watson IOT integration for you or your customers. Please contact us at

Note: Salesforce and IBM Watson are trademarks of resepctive companies. digiCloud Solutions is Salesforce Consulting Partner and IBM Partner.

Partnering & working together with customer is the need of today!

In today’s environment we see technology is advancing at a faster speed, customer expectations are increasing day-by-day and new players are entering brining innovations & specialization focus.

Customer’s also should take advantage and start changing their supplier strategy. This is a welcoming change for customers, product vendors, service providers and employees. It’s also encouraging to see customers are showing interest in engaging with new, small, start-up companies who are able to demonstrate solution potential.

Companies who are aiming to transform into customer centric companies, and this is where every company now a days wants to go, can start by creating a partner ecosystem.

Partners can take advantage only if they are able to have a clear focus / specialty, know their boundaries and willing to work together with other partners by securing each other’s interests (are able to create win-win situation for both), having standard processes and use latest collaboration tools.

digiCloud Solutions is one the young company, a Salesforce consulting partner focusing on digitally transforming customers business primarily in Marketing, Sales, customer services areas and help customers in creating positive customer experience to their customers.

We are a hungry team of professionals who have rich experience of working together by partnering with other IT companies. We use latest collaboration tools & are quick in response.

Our partnership approach is very simple: “Work, Live & have Fun together!”

We are currently interested in establishing partnerships with other companies, please contact us if you would like to discuss this further!

Introducing digiCloud Alexa:
your personal assistant for Salesforce!

Every Sales professional secretly wishes for a personal assistant to help with entire administrative activities so that he/she can focus on core – and that is hard selling!

For many, getting a personal assistant is still a dream, but not anymore, meet digiCloud Alexa, your personal assistant for Salesforce.

digiCloud Alexa works round the clock, very professional, quick in completing tasks which you want her to do, and with her strong memory she can provide all required information to you whenever you need it!!

We have made following videos to showcase digiCloud Alexa’s few skills:

Productive and efficient phone meetings

While you are on a phone meeting, digiCloud Alexa can take notes, assign action tasks to account / opportunity team members, post replies to chatter messages, schedule follow-up meeting with updated agenda, etc…

Demo-Alexa-Salesforce-Calender Control

Hear not read important business information on the go!
digiCloud Alexa can tell you today’s leads, hot deals, closing opportunities, contact insights etc so you don’t have to read by logging to Salesforce or Salesforce1 app.



These demo videos are just to showcase few sample possibilities of what digiCloud Alexa can do for you.

digiCloud Alexa is developed by digiCloud Solutions team by using AWS Alexa and currently in development stage, we would be happy to discuss possibilities of customizing it for your specific needs,please contact product manager – Vinit Kulkarni today!