Introducing digiCloud Alexa:
your personal assistant for Salesforce!

Every Sales professional secretly wishes for a personal assistant to help with entire administrative activities so that he/she can focus on core – and that is hard selling!

For many, getting a personal assistant is still a dream, but not anymore, meet digiCloud Alexa, your personal assistant for Salesforce.

digiCloud Alexa works round the clock, very professional, quick in completing tasks which you want her to do, and with her strong memory she can provide all required information to you whenever you need it!!

We have made following videos to showcase digiCloud Alexa’s few skills:

Productive and efficient phone meetings

While you are on a phone meeting, digiCloud Alexa can take notes, assign action tasks to account / opportunity team members, post replies to chatter messages, schedule follow-up meeting with updated agenda, etc…

Demo-Alexa-Salesforce-Calender Control

Hear not read important business information on the go!
digiCloud Alexa can tell you today’s leads, hot deals, closing opportunities, contact insights etc so you don’t have to read by logging to Salesforce or Salesforce1 app.



These demo videos are just to showcase few sample possibilities of what digiCloud Alexa can do for you.

digiCloud Alexa is developed by digiCloud Solutions team by using AWS Alexa and currently in development stage, we would be happy to discuss possibilities of customizing it for your specific needs,please contact product manager – Vinit Kulkarni today!

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