Our Solutions

Our Solutions


Insightful transformation

The best consulting partners transforming and dramatically improving the way you engage with your customers, partners, and employees. As businesses grow business processes need to evolve and improve. Our consulting experts evaluate the client’s business readiness to move to the cloud and determine a business case to do so. They assist in critical analysis of the client’s unique needs, the IT strategy, the technology landscape and support clients through the entire decision making process. We are the partners that the clients can rely on to make informed IT and cloud decisions to accomplish the business objectives.

  • Review client business processes and report the findings.
  • Identify and execute Salesforce consulting best practices.
  • Customize cloud UI and workflow based on client needs.
  • Undertake Client readiness assessment.
  • Determine business relevant cloud services.
  • Create a revenue generation model for the cloud services.

Marketing Automation

Insightful Marketing

It is the game changer aimed at boosting your marketing and sales efficiency. Marketing automation helps you enhance cross channel marketing efforts but through a single interface that delivers personalized customer service. It helps those companies that need a quick time to market within their limited resources. Marketing automation enables you to effectively nurture your leads, understanding behavior to ensure quality leads, and track customer behavior.

  • Improved pipeline analysis.
  • Real time forecasting.
  • Automated lead management process.
  • Efficient automated campaigns.
  • Ranking customers as well as prospects based on demographics and online activity.
  • Customized reporting to prove your marketing success and prove ROI.

Sales and Service(CRM)

Insightful and Optimized sales and servicecloud implementations

The sales and service cloud allows you to improve your sales and support strategy. Implementing these strategies can be complex and time consuming. With our experience in the field we deliver quick and cost effective services with while ensuring attention towards minimizing risks.

  • Service includes sales and servicecloud setup, configuration, customization suited to your sales objectives.
  • Salescloud offering allows you to improve performance through data driven decision making to connect with client and custo mers efficiently.
  • Servicecloud service allows you to address customer service issues round the clock and improved customer experiences.

Cloud Integration

Insightful Integration

Bringing a high level agility, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness to your integration project. As enterprises move towards becoming service oriented enterprises the heterogeneous nature of applications often leads to information silos and discontinuity. It is very important to have a secure and a seamless data flow through various processes. Integration to cloud-based applications is complex and considered as a hectic procedure. We realize the need for highly interoperable, extensible, and user friendly integrations across business processes and our experts follow best integration practices to achieve seamless integrations.

  • Cloud integrations ensuring single view with seamless synchronization with SAP, Microsoft, etc.
  • Marketingcloud integrations that produce quantifiable results based on real time data interpretation from all marketing channels.
  • Salescloud and Servicecloud integrations for different stages of integration.