COOLDOX is a MS-Word Add-in developed to help Salesforce user in creating impressive, rich-text documents like Sales proposals (Quotes), Customer contracts/agreements, and other documents.

Documents generated using COOLDOX are immediately available in Salesforce, you can start sharing it with your colleagues or send to customers.

  • Rapid and impressive proposals creation for Salesforce!
  • Supports all Salesforce objects (Standard and Custom)
  • Create Rich Text document templates using MS Word & use as Salesforce Templates
  • Maintain standardization across an organization
  • Easy to install, no complexity, easy to use
  • Available as Add-in in MS-Word

Click-Recruit (Recruitment Management Solution)

  • Helps you increase productivity, improve performance and satisfy client expectations by streamlining your recruitment processes for searching, attracting and obtaining candidates with Click-Recruit
  • Allows you to manage all your Clients, Contacts, Candidates, and Vacancies in one system
  • Saves you time by posting jobs directly to job boards and receive instant alerts as applications are made and sent directly to Click-Recruit
  • Speeds up your candidate search and provides an easy to use interface to shortlist applications by looking within your database, an application or resume for deep analysis of keywords, skills, credentials and past positions, and return the best matches for your clients’ requirements.


Aircall is a cloud-based phone system for modern businesses and teams.

  • Over 4,000 companies worldwide trust Aircall and use it as their preferred phone system to provide smoother support, book more meetings, close deals quicker or just to ensure that the whole company is connected. It is trusted by the likes of Deliveroo, Pipedrive & RBS Bank for its flexibility, user friendly UX and easy navigation.
  • Instant set-up allows you to start a conversation anywhere in the world.
  • The integration with Salesforce is powerful and a native CTI integration. It enables the user to have all needed information tied together in one place and log all calls seamlessly.
  • Aircall is the phone solution for a five-star customer support.Aircall collects important call information to monitor key metrics such as individual, team- or business-wide performance in real-time. The UX & UI are market leading.This phone system guarantees smooth support and will help get every customer started with complete onboarding, training and integration assistance for their call center software.

Maximise profits by effectively Managing Acquisition Cost of Sale!

  • Take control of Sales expenses
  • Stop Spending on losing deals
  • Increase profits of winning deals!
  • Set Acquisition cost budget on each opportunity
  • Get notified for high cost items & budget change
  • Developed to work with team selling
  • Easy to use, no additional trainings needed!
  • Base version FREE for LIFE!